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:: About Valmir Service Romania

Established in 1992, Valmir Service SRL is a Romanian private manufacturer specialized in producing stationery and paper goods. Our extensive range of paper rolls provide high quality reliable products for various industries.

Following economic opening of Romania, our company has started the import and distribution of stationery and paper products on the Romanian market and in just a short time has earned an excellent reputation in the industry.

Valmir Service SRL 
Romanian paper roll manufacturer

The demand for stationery and paper products has increased as Romanian market has developed, and our company has decided to set up a manufacturing division of rolls and paper products in order to better respond to the market needs.

Valmir Service SRL - Romanian manufacturer of paper rolls

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Valmir Service SRL 
Romanian - Bucharest location

Investing in advanced and reliable equipment and applying superior technologies in the manufacturing process, we have opened a modern facility for manufacturing paper rolls for various applications:
- ATM and POS paper rolls;
- Cash-register paper rolls;
- Fax and telex paper rolls;
- Paper rolls for copiers, plotters and cutter-plotters;
- Continuous printing paper for matrix printers;

In our production unit situated near Bucharest, at Sos Bucuresti-Domnesti 63 (Clinceni, Ilfov), a young team of professionals is closely monitoring the manufacturing workflow and quality of and our products. In order to provide the finest paper products to our customers, an important attention is directed towards the quality of raw materials used in the working process by carefully selecting our internal or foreign suppliers.

Our manufacturer's offer is completed by top paper products imported from world-famous manufacturers of stationery and paper products such as Koehler AG, Kanzan Gmbh and Mitsubishi HiTech Paper Flensburg GmbH from Germany.

We plan to further extend the range of our paper products in order to meet the customers' demands, and strive to enhance the quality of both our products and services. Strengthening our team of 25 professionals and completing the improvements in the production area are key issues in the achievement of our long term objectives.

Our business is now expanding abroad and the foreign partners that we have made in the past years are an incontestable testimony. The quality of our manufactured products is our business card and recommends us as a valuable partner for future cooperation.

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