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:: Fax thermal paper rolls

Fax machines are used every-day in our offices and fax paper rolls have become a universal stationery product. Fax paper rolls are therefore an essential product on our offer.

The fax paper rolls manufactured by our company are compatible with virtually all models of fax machines based on thermal transfer. The fax thermal paper is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years, if the storing and preservation conditions are respected.

Fax thermal paper rolls

Fax thermal paper rolls

» Fax rolls - thermal paper

Fax rolls 210 (mm) 55gr 30m
Fax rolls 216 (mm) 55gr 30m

Thermal papers are carefully tested for printhead reliability before approval.
Before rolling it, the fax paper is treated to minimize curling and avoid paper jamming inside the fax machines.

The thermal paper used for manufacturing fax paper rolls offers coated side and is ultra sensitive in order to produce clear dark print for the best images. The superior quality of the paper allows graphics and pictures replication in sharp detail and evenly fills in solid images for premium results.

Our performing equipment and modern technology ensures a high standard of fax rolls for an optimum use and complete customer satisfaction

For more details about fax rolls please contact our sales department

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Advantages of thermal paper rolls and thermal printing:

  • Speed: Thermal printers have a printing speed of 60-300 mm/s unconstrained by the width of the paper;
  • Availability for printing any kind of symbol or image;
  • Noiseless operation comparing with matrix printers;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Minimal maintenance costs because of simple yet reliable thermal printing technology and extended lifetime of the thermal printer;
  • No consumables comparing to other printing technologies

Storing and preserving instructions for thermal paper
In order to maintain its physical attributes, the thermal paper has to be stored in cool dry places, avoiding sunlight and moisture.
It is recommended to store the paper rolls in cardboard boxes in airy rooms. Storage at humidity conditions (over 60%) and high temperatures (over 40°C) may permanently damage the data registered on the thermal paper.
The thermal paper rolls should be stored in the vicinity of chemical materials (organic solvents, cleansers, adhesives, acids), oils, etc.

Besides fax rolls, the thermal paper rolls may be used as self-adhesive labels, barcode labels, luggage labeling tickets (in airports), tickets (travel tickets, entrance tickets, lottery, parking tickets), bank receipts.

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