Fax paper rolls

Fax paper rolls produced by Valmir Service are made on thermal paper, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years under the conditions of storage and storage instructions.

Rolls are compatible with all types of thermal printers. Quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer

As a manufacturer, Valmir Service offers discounts to stationery distributors.

Fax rolls - Thermal paper

Fax rolls 210 (mm) 55gr 30 m
Fax rolls 216 (mm) 55gr 30 m

The performance of the equipments as well as the use of the latest technologies in the production process ensure a high standard of quality of our rolls allowing us to receive faxes with superior image quality and time-resistant.

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Advantages of thermal paper rolls

    • Speed: The speed of a printer is 60-300 mm / s without being affected by the width of the paper
    • Possibility to print any character or image
    • Silent compared to matrix prints
    • Low power consumption
    • Low maintenance costs due to the thermal printing technology and the longer life of the thermal printers
    • No supplies like the other types of printers

Instructions for storing thermal paper
In order to keep their properties intact, thermal paper must be stored in cool and dry spaces, away from light and moisture.
We recommend keeping Z-rolls in cardboard boxes in airy spaces, away from heat, moisture. Storing in humidity (over 60%) or high temperatures (over 40%) can result in the disappearance of paper records.
Avoid keeping in the vicinity of chemicals (organic solvents, detergents, alcohol, adhesives, acids), oils, etc.

Duration of recordings on thermal paper
After printing, the image on the thermal paper may be influenced by the storage conditions and print quality of the printer’s printheads. When the conditions of storage are observed, the lifetime of the thermal paper records is 5 years.

Scope of application

In addition to fax rolls, roller paper can be used as autoadhesive labels containing bar codes, such as automatic luggage labeling systems at airports, tickets and tickets (entry, travel, events, lottery, parking ), bank receipts for various operations, fax paper, etc
It has the advantage of being pre-printed (inscribed or customized) before being used.

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