Copying paper rolls and plotter

Another category of our products is paper for copiers and plotters. The paper is white, of outstanding quality, delivered in rolls pre-packaged to prevent dust penetration.

They are designed for plotters that use ink coated ink coated paper.
Paper quality ensures perfect printing even at high resolutions. Recommended for all plotter models, regardless of manufacturer.
The characteristics of the cuter plotters produced by our company:

Plotter paper rolls

Plotter paper rolls

Plotter rolls A0+ INKJet Coated paper 90 g 914 mm x 45 m

Copying paper rolls

They are designed for large format copiers (formats A3 to A0 +).

With this paper, excellent results can be achieved for both inkjet and laser copiers, both black and white. Recommended for all copier models, regardless of manufacturer

Besides, we present the type of dimensions of the copier rolls produced by our company:

Copying rolls A0+ paper 78 g 914 mm x170 m lenght
Copying rolls A0 paper 78 g 841 mm x170 m lenght
Copying rolls A1 paper 78 g 594 mm x170 m lenght
Copying rolls A2 paper 78 g 420 mm x170 m lenght
Copying rolls A3 paper 78 g 297 mm x170 m lenght

Copying paper rolls

role plotter

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