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:: ATM and POS paper rolls

The use of ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) and POS (Point-of-Sale machines) has become a familiar matter, widely utilized because of simplified safe financial operations.

This is why our range of manufactured paper rolls includes ATM rolls for banking services and also POS rolls for commercial use in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

The audit/receipt rolls for ATM and POS machines are manufactured according to OEM specifications such as:

ATM paper rolls

ATM paper rolls

  • Size of the ATM / POS rolls;
  • ATM / POS rolls on thermal or plain paper (mostly used in Romania);
  • Thermal mark on the front or backside of the ATM / POS rolls;
  • Customized ATM / POS paper rolls pre-printed with the company's logo (maximum 3 colors pre-print);
  • End-of-roll indicator;
  • Lint-free paper to reduce paper jams in ATM /POS machines;
  • Other specific requirements;


ATM and POS paper rolls complying with all OEM products

Modern equipment and technology allow us to manufacture any kind and quantities of ATM or POS paper rolls.

Our paper rolls deliver the finest quality in both image and performance; they produce crisp, clear images and are guaranteed for a complete customer satisfaction.
As a result, our ATM / POS paper rolls had been successfully used by important local banks

For more details about ATM / POS paper rolls please contact our sales department


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