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:: Adhesive Labels

The adhesive labels produced by Valmir Service are based on thermal paper (for direct thermal printing) or velum (for thermal transfer printing). Upon request, we can customize the labels according to customer prefferences.

Our company manufactures any sizes for adhesive labels, in rolls or paper.

Rolls with
adhesive labels

Type of labels:

Adhesive labels

  • adhesive labels for various products and product packages
  • adhesive labels for marking the manufacturing date
  • adhesive labels for labeling on the production line
  • textiles labels
  • adhesive labels in series
  • adhesive labels for bar code
  • adhesive labels for weight scaling machine

» Labels for price labeling machines

Description name Number of pieces DIMENSIONS (width x height)
Label 2616 1000 26 mm x 16 mm

» Labels for bar code, weight scaling machines

Description name DIMENSIONS (width x height)
Label 4046 40 mm x 46 mm
Label 5026 50 mm x 26 mm
Label 5843 58 mm x 43 mm
Label 7251 72 mm x 51 mm

Recently our company aquirred a proffessional equipment that is used for producting rolls with adhesive labels. From this year on, our company produces all types of rolls with adhesive labels mentioned earlier, through the new generation tehnology.

Rolling adhesive

Rolling adhesive labels

Production of the
adhesive labels

Production of the adhesive labels

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